Sustainable Economic Development

OTML provides significant funds towards the socio-economic development of PNG and the Western Province, both directly through services provided, infrastructure, and indirectly through the facilitation of community access to services and infrastructure.
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Since the mine’s formation, OTML has contributed more than 10 billion kina to assist the development of economically sustainable local and regional communities in the Western Province.

PNG, Western Province and communities obtain enduring benefits from OTML through employment, local business, dividends, taxes and royalties, goods and services, tax credit scheme (TCS) projects, training, capacity building and economic and social development programs.

Amount invested in economic development since 1984 (Kina)

Economic Development

Building an economically sustainable PNG and the Western Province.

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Local & Regional Suppliers

Supporting and developing local and regional suppliers.

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Community Infrastructure

Developing, investing and building vital community infrastructure,

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